Not to encourage a confirmation bias, but....

Yes! This is something I have discussed with my patients for years, and now it is delightful to have some publications to back it up. For years I've watched patients wincing, groaning and sweating as they grind foams rollers, tennis balls, and other apparatus up and down the outside of their thigh to deter knee pain. I've always discouraged this, but it runs counter to popular belief, and so has remained prevalent despite my best interests. But new research shows that rolling the musculature AROUND the iliotibial band is much more effective and efficient than rolling the ITB itself. As a bit of background, the iliotibial band, or IT band, is an enormously strong piece of fascia that runs down the lateral aspect of your femur. (The outside of your thigh.)  The IT band is the attachment point for a number of very important muscles that control balance in your hip, thigh and knee. Gluteal muscles, vastus muscles, and you Tensor Fascia Late all have some insertions into the IT band. For years, knee pain has been linked to a tight IT band, but now, as this article illustrates, the fascial construct itself is stuck to your femur.  Go ahead and give it a read!

On the ideas behind a blog

So the fascinating thing about Massage Therapy, (well, one of the many fascinating things), is how absurdly fast it changes.  New research, new programs, new training styles, the flood of information never stops. And I love it! And I also consider education both for myself AND my patients, to be an integral part of my job. So, most of this blog will center around the dissemination of information.  There will be some simple rules.  Correlation=/=Causation. Anecdotal evidence, while interesting, does not constitute proof.  If you are rude, you will no longer be allowed to comment. Other than that, happy reading!